From flat whites to frothy fortune telling, we’ve got something for everyone this Coffee Month at Mortimer House. Get involved with a series of masterclasses and mystical workshops designed to enrich the senses and enlighten your mood. Master your morning brew with a workshop hosted by our friends at Origin Coffee Roasters, or crack the code of coffee-infused cocktails with a little help from our expert bar team. Or, if you’re too busy wondering what the future may hold, book some time with the Mystic Sisters, who’ll be happy to interpret the mysteries hidden within the coffee grounds at the bottom of your cup.


A Tale of Two Roasts

The art of craft coffee is almost as complex as wine. No two blends are alike, and preparing the perfect cup takes skill, practice, and knowledge. The team at Origin Coffee Roasters know all about this. Founded in 2004 by Tom Sobey, the independently owned speciality coffee roaster specialises in sourcing exceptional, sustainable coffee. And they’re bringing their craft to Mortimer House for this special class focussed on the secrets of preparing the perfect cup at home.

The class focuses on tasting different coffee blends and understanding how flavours are created. So, even if you don’t have a full espresso set-up in your kitchen, you’ll still learn tips and tricks on how you can make the most of expertly sourced craft coffee.


Sustainable Cocktails

Elevate your espresso with this coffee and cocktail masterclass. Hosted by Mortimer House’s talented bar staff, in association with Origin Coffee Roasters, this workshop will take you far beyond the average espresso martini. Learn the tricks of infusing your mixed drinks with expertly sourced fresh coffee and unlock a whole new world of aromatic, caffeinated cocktails.


Frothy Fortunes

Have you ever dreamed of clouds in your coffee? Meet the Mystic Sisters, a duo whose cosmic interpretations of your coffee grounds will have you steering well clear of vain boyfriends. Similar to the better known practice of reading tea leaves, this intimate session blends the nourishing aroma of coffee with an in-depth discussion about your innermost thoughts.


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