Meetings and Events


The meeting rooms  at Mortimer House range in character from the unpretentious and relaxed to the timelessly sophisticated, and all of them offer the option of having bespoke menus delivered at any time of day from one of our many purpose-built kitchens. All of the meeting rooms and event spaces at Mortimer House benefit from exceptional natural light and warm hospitality.

The distinctive meeting rooms at Mortimer House incorporate all your functional needs–from HD screens and teleconferencing to videoconferencing facilities–with characteristic homespun touches. Situated on the first floor, for example is The Kitchen Table–a unique proposition for those informal meetings that require a dedicated on-hand chef. Conversely, The Boardrooms, on the second and fourth floor, are designed as unassuming spaces for key strategic business meetings. On the third floor of Mortimer House, is our classic lounge-inspired Drawing Room. Each of these individual meeting rooms benefit from the option to have bespoke menus delivered at any time of day, reflecting the premium hospitality and service that is core to our philosophy.

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